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Do you think KL Figos RSA deserved to be suspended? 211 211 Expired Results
What do you do on Gofutsal.com? 125 197 Expired Results
Which floor do you like to play on? 232 232 Expired Results
Should FAM ban the women's football and futsal teams from international tournaments? 234 234 Expired Results
Which league is the strongest in Asia? 195 195 Expired Results
Will you use a SMS service that will help ease your job as a team captain to arrange futsal games and friendlies? 73 73 Expired Results
Should FAM promote beach soccer? 189 189 Expired Results
Do you think Malaysia can be in the top 3 of AFF Futsal 2008? 100 100 Expired Results
Would the RM 2.70 petrol make you play less futsal? 278 278 Expired Results
Can Malaysia qualify to the second stage of AFC Futsal 2008? 34 34 Expired Results
Are you happy with the outcome of the General Elections? 89 89 Expired Results
Which newspaper do you read? 142 143 Expired Results
Which team will emerge as the champ in KL World 5s? 335 335 Expired Results
Are you going to the KL Futsal World 5 event? 172 172 Expired Results
Will you watch the AFC Asian Cup 2007 in Malaysia (in the stadium)? 137 137 Expired Results
Can Malaysia move to the second stage in AFC Futsal 2007 with Lebanon, China and Iran in the same group? 181 181 Expired Results
Do you want subscribe to futsal events SMS notification? 101 101 Expired Results
Will you buy futsal gears (shoes, ball) online? 98 98 Expired Results
What do you think caused the flood in Johor? 68 68 Expired Results
[EPL] Which team is able to challenge Chelsea to the Premiership title? 587 588 Expired Results
Is the Puasa month affecting your game? 86 86 Expired Results
Gofutsal will have a futsal competition to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Will you join us? 175 175 Expired Results
[en]Which country will lift the CUP?[/en][my]Siapakah akan menjuarai piala dunia 2006?[/my] 464 464 Expired Results
Do you play more football/futsal since the World Cup is coming? 51 51 Expired Results
Does the Celcom National Futsal League live up to expectations? 108 108 Expired Results
Do you think futsal is losing interest? 143 143 Expired Results
Do you think a local coach can train the national futsal team? 181 181 Expired Results
[en]Which age group are you in?[/en][my]Berapa umur anda?[/my] 369 369 Expired Results
Do you play less futsal during the month of Ramadhan? 99 99 Expired Results
Should top teams be excluded in local futsal tournaments to give chance to others? 171 171 Expired Results
Do you think the GAMEFINDER will be useful? 37 37 Expired Results
What internet connection are you using? 36 36 Expired Results
Where are you from? 272 272 Expired Results
Do you want to send free SMS to your futsal 'kakis' using this site? Delivery guaranteed. 145 145 Expired Results
Which country will win the AFC Futsal Championship 2005? 73 73 Expired Results
[en]What shoes you wear to play?[/en][my]Apakah jenama kasut yang anda pakai untuk futsal?[/my] 514 514 Expired Results
AC Milan or Liverpool to win the Champions League? 108 108 Expired Results
[en]Do you think Datuk Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad is the most suitable candidate for FAM as Gen-Sec?[/en][my]Datuk Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad calon paling sesuai Setiausaha Agung FAM?[/my] 78 78 Expired Results
Does the cost matter when you play futsal? 173 173 Expired Results
Should FAM pay more attention to futsal? 167 167 Expired Results
Would you buy a Malaysian Futsal Magazine ? 75 75 Expired Results
How many medals do you think Malaysia can win in the Olympics ? 17 17 Expired Results
Will you join other groups you don't know when you play futsal? 87 87 Expired Results
[en]Newspaper of choice?[/en][my]Akhbar pilihan?[/my] 82 82 Expired Results
Favourite english football club: 75 75 Expired Results
Do you warm-up before playing sports? 1 1 Expired Results



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